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Hair Down, Lady Mary

All I wanted from S3 was one scene with Matthew taking down Mary’s hair while in the privacy of their bedroom. Such a tender never to be seen moment…

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grey’s anatomy memeevery episode - [1x02]
↳ "It’s all about lines. The finish line at the end of residency, waiting in line for a chance at the operating table, and then there’s the most important line; the line separating you from the people you work with. It doesn’t help to get too familiar, to make friends. You need boundaries, between you and the rest of the world. Other people are far too messy. It’s all about lines. Drawing lines in the sand and praying like hell no one crosses them." - The First Cut Is The Deepest

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Tom Hiddleston by Lorenzo Agius [source]

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What does it matter? Nothing matters anymore.

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Harry liked Hermione very much, but she just wasn’t the same as Ron.

get to know me meme: [1/5] male characters - Ron Weasley 

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No ears are safe!

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56-57/100 of Sybil’s caps.

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